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      Anticipation… The summer solstice triggers a countdown in our inner snowboarder souls…winter is coming! As the days grow shorter, so does our patience. Our excitement grows as the leaves start falling and temperatures drop. Weather forecasts get scoured daily searching for the first signs of winter storms bringing promise of precipitation. Our desperation intensifies with the first snowfall. We grow restless, eager to get back to the mountain tops to reinvigorate our minds, stagnated by screen-time, numbed by 24-hour news cycles and sensational headlines. We dream of panoramic views, fresh air and the rush of grabbing first chair on opening day. Good times await! Relief at last. This season, we bring you some much anticipated and welcome news about the new formation of our snow team. We kicked things off with the announcement of Jordan Small turning pro for Santa Cruz in the thirtytwo “T32M” video released in November celebrating 25 Years of Rider Driven Snowboarding and followed that up with the announcement that his legendary thirtytwo teammate, JP Walker, was also now on the Cruz! Jordan’s Pro Model features his name emblazoned on the iconic Screaming Hand graphic with a brand-new shape designed specifically to meet the demands of Jordan’s skate the snow style of riding. JP’s Pro Model features the Yeti Hand, created for this legend by another legend – Jim Phillips. JP rode several boards last winter and gave us his experienced feedback so we could develop a unique flex pattern on his favorite shape designed to complement his buttery style. With the addition of these two new Pro Models, the 2021-22 line-up is looking sicker than ever and truly offers something for every style of rider and terrain. We’re hyped to share what we’ve cooked up so step inside and take a look!